About Me

I have always enjoyed exploring outside, preferring unstructured time to create and let my imagination run free to structured sports and training. Luckily I grew up in the countryside and had parents that loved playing alongside with my brother and me. Eventually I found a competitive drive and I ran cross country and track in high school and in college, captaining my teams. Adventure Racing was becoming popular in my area and I dabbled in that sport, learning many sports skills. I began to discover my penchant for endurance sports as I started beating my dad in triathlons, enjoyed running marathons and capped off my college years with an Ironman triathlon. After college I moved to Europe and continued to run there, competing in a marathon and several small races in the Dolomites. Upon returning to the US, I joined Americorps and lived in the Pacific Northwest where I earned my nursing degree. I now live in Santa Barbara, CA and enjoy discovering the beauty of SoCal on my two feet.

I work as a nurse and have a flexible schedule, allowing me to take frequent running trips to concrete jungles, mountains and beaches. All that exploring has produced some good race results! With the help of my sponsors, I have had the opportunity to get around to the places of my dreams and get to know many inspiring people.

A beautiful day in Boulder, Colorado! (Photo credit: Sage Canaday)

A beautiful day in Boulder, Colorado! (Photo credit: Sage Canaday)

My Athlete Profiles

Check out my profile on these pages (and have a look at my awesome teammates, too!):

Other Interests

Cheese Making!

Being from Wisconsin, cheese making is in my blood.

Mushroom Hunting

I’m definitely a mycophile.

Bee Keeping

I’m an apiarist.


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