Is it possible?

Since I’m headed to Wisconsin this weekend to visit my grandparents, I thought I’d throw in a race.  I’ve been interested in Timo Yanacheck’s Mad City races for awhile because there aren’t many road ultras to choose from.  I’ll run the 100k and Greg will run the 50k.  Crazy, he never chooses the shorter distance!

I got to wondering if anyone has won the National Championships in both the 100k trail and 100k road races in the same year.  According to the USATF website, the 100k Trail NC has only been held since 2008.  But also the most recent result on there is from 2011, so who knows how accurate that is.  The 100k Road NC results go back to 1987.  It looks like Mad City has served as the Championship race since 2007.  From what I can tell, no one has won both even in different years.  Check for yourself here.


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