100k Flop

Well, my run at the Mad City 100k didn’t go that well.  But I did have a great visit in Wisconsin!  There was a big old ice storm the night before the race, making for a dicey drive to the start line.  Once running, I warmed up quickly though and it turned into a nice day.  That was lucky because the slow walk I was doing later in the race would have been miserable in the cold.

It was a lonely, boring day.  I ran with Traci Falbo for the first 400 meters, then was on my own.  By the fourth lap, I was bored.  There were few people out spectating and except for passing another runner once in awhile, there was no one to talk to.  The no headphones rule really sucked.  I was relying too much on liquid calories with my Tailwind pre-filled water bottles for every lap.  After stopping to pee once, I couldn’t stop.  It was painful to hold it 3 miles between porta potties.  I have no problem with peeing out in the woods, but we were running through neighborhoods so I held it and hurt.  Finally, I got behind on calories and had a nice long sit-down at an aid station where I was fed lots of warm soup.  That really helped!  I kept pushing on, looking forward to my next cup of warm soup.

I know I was just a headcase out there because when it finally came to my last lap, I was able to run again!  My poor parents, Chrissy and Greg having to wait around for me for so long.  At least Greg was able to keep my mom from pulling me from the race though!  She’s a big proponent of just stopping when it doesn’t feel good.  Oh well, once it was over, I was glad to have done it!



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